Advantage is my choice

by Anne, DVM
(Iowa, USA)

I am a holistic-bent veterinarian that truly despises chemicals. I strive to avoid them as much as possible in all aspects of my life, including on/in my pets. However, fleas are a problem in our multipet household every spring and they quickly get out of hand if effective flea control products are not used. I have tried numerous natural products over the years and have not yet found one that truly resolved the problem in my particular household (although I am still searching). Therefore, I have been forced to resort to chemical products to deal with our annual flea issue. Several years ago I started using Frontline Top Spot on my dog & cat kids. This worked very well for many years and we lived in a flea-free, happy house during this time. Then about three years ago Frontline Top Spot stopped working (and I mean it really stopped working). So I switched to Frontline Plus. That worked no better (i.e. did not work at all). I even started applying it to my dogs and cats every two weeks and this still did not help. About this same time I also started fielding calls from friends, clients and family about this too. Frontline was not working on their pets either. In fact, some vet clinics in my area starting selling out of Advantage due to the sudden flood of demand from frustrated Frontline users. It is readily apparent now that Frontline is no longer an effective flea control product. I now use Advantage on our dog & cat kids and it works very effectively. I use Advantage as sparingly as possible (every 6-8 weeks instead of every 4 weeks) to minimize any potentially harmful effects and I still maintain adequate flea control with this extended dosing interval.

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